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    A look west at the spires of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, and also the Maple Street bridge.  Spokane, Washington

    A look northeast past the Parkade

    A look southeast past the Steam Plant Square

    A look southwest on West First Avenue, towards Interstate 90

    Gina's Design Center, One North Browne

    American West Bank building, Riverside and Browne Street

    Prago, an Argentine Cafe, Riverside and Browne Street

    Parkade Plaza, on Howard Street between Main and Riverside

    Washington Mutual decorations, Main and Howard Street

    Macys holiday decorations, Main and Post

    Bennett Block, Main and Howard, downtown Spokane

    Mizuna, on Howard just south of Riverfront Park

    Peoples Gallery 2001, on Wall just north of Second Avenue Isabellas, on Main just west of Division Street West side of Wall, northbound look, just south of Second Avenue

    East side of Wall, just south of Riverfront Park.  Steelhead Bar and Grill

Dow Academy, 311 West Riverside.  Spokane, Washington

Bank of America and a waiting Spokane Transit Authority Bus.  Spokane, Washington

The Delaney building on West Riverside just west of Browne.  Spokane, Washington

Old National Bank building on Riverside (US Bank),  Spokane, Washington.

    Red Lion BBQ Sports Bar, Main and Division,  Spokane, Washington

Looking down on 400 West Main,  Spokane, Washington

    Westbound from a foggy Escent Lighting Gallery, Spokane Falls Boulevard,

    A foggy south look towards the Wells Fargo building,

    A foggy look north towards the Lincoln building,

    Metropolitan Performing Arts Center,

Riverside and Post, Spokane Washington, Spokane Night Scenes

A look "down," on what is normally "up."  (West of Howard, and South of Main Street)

Hotel Lusso, ONE North Post, Spokane, Washington

It is  cold and icy directly behind the downtown branch of the City Library.

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By John D. Moore, CPP

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