A look west towards Palisades Park in the distance.   Spokane, Washington.
In Spokane's Riverfront Park, daylight transitions into darkness.  
A look west towards Palisades Park in the distance.   Spokane, Washington.
August 2007

This image has been chosen for the image placement on the new 2009 Spokane Riverfront Park Map panels.

Chosen by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for use in the 29th National Veterans Wheelchair games, in Spokane July 13-18, 2009

Chosen for display at the Institute for Extended Learning ARTLUCK show, 2008

Chosen for First Friday Art Gallery print display, 2007

Chosen for display at the Slideluck Potshow,  2007

Chosen for Spokane Parks Foundation Poster display 2008

Chosen for Spokane Parks Foundation marketing 2008/2009

ęCopyright 2001-2008
By John D. Moore, CPP

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