"Mother natures discrimination"An evening spent with Whidbey Island Gulls.

"Mother natures discrimination"
An evening spent with Whidbey Island Gulls.
On 6 different late evening occasions in 2006 through mid 2007 I kept running into this "one legged Sea Gull."   This  Gull was  always a couple of feet away from all the other Sea Gulls,.  After  my initial observation I noticed that the Gull had only one leg, and in the months ahead that I saw this Gull, it was never observed close to any of the the two legged Gulls.  (Penn Cove, Whidbey Island, Washington).  
The Gull was easy to find over the next year or so, and a few months later the
Shot location:
N48 14.285
W122 42.538
July 2006
ęCopyright 2001-2008
By John D. Moore, CPP

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